About us

We anticipate tomorrow's needs, today 

One of our driving objectives is to constantly improve the ethical standards that guide our activities.
We ensure that national and international legislations are respected - including OECD rules and requirements.

We strive to be attentive to the conformity of our activities with exportation guidelines

Defence advisor (Référent Défense)

As a privileged interlocutor of the Ministry of the Armed Forces, Sofema has signed a convention of support to the policy of military reserve to materialize its citizen approach. Sofema, as a ‘defense advisor’, is helping to build the military reserve that France needs in the current security context.

Convinced of the value that Reservists bring to its Group, Sofema encourages this commitment with specific measures to help them combine their military commitment with their professional life.

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Quality control

Sofema is committed to understanding the needs and expectations of all our clients.

Sofema goes through rigorous certification procedures to meet all standards and procedures set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Our staff is trained in recognising the importance of quality and how their day-to-day functions play an important role in meeting and surpassing your needs.

Quality has been the building block of Sofema since its beginnings in 1997.

Before any item comes through our doors, it is inspected by our experts. In addition, manufacturers, clients and administrations regularly inspect stock, equipment and processes. Every accepted item in our possession is further inspected prior to being shipped. If a requested item is in stock, the item is inspected prior to being quoted. This helps us guarantee best quality products and also a strong level of trust from our clients.

Please feel free to contact our Quality Department with any questions or concerns.


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