About us

Our team members come from military and civil engineering and parts supply backgrounds.

Key staff members have years of experience, both as managers in the industry and in the heading-up of Sofema.

Our unique and varied experiences collectively equip us with an implicit understanding of your priorities.

Here is an illustrative overview and part of our experts team:



DIDIER JOLY  – Commercial Engineer

Former engineer commissioned officer, Didier JOLY spent 33 years in duty within the French Air Force where he was working in different fields: aeronautical maintenance, development of armament program and training. Graduated from the Air Force Academy and Electronics, Digital and Hydraulic Sytems Engineering School, he possesses an experience in the industrial services to have leaded a military support department for the benefit of an operator belonging to the GIFAS. More particularly in charge of military aeronautical projects, he contributes to the realization of global military solution.




LAURENT RIEUTORT – Commercial Engineer

With a Master in Applied Foreign Languages (Russian and English), Laurent has worked at Sofema for almost 30 years. He is currently the Commercial Engineer responsible Russia / CIS geographies. His perfect knowledge of Russian and of the specificities of all CIS nations have allowed him to successfully realize many projects in the civil aviation and business spheres - and more recently in the energy (oil and gas) sector.




LUC TISSERAND – Commercial Engineer 

After three years in the service of the French Air Force, Luc satisfied his passion for aeronautics working for over thirty years in various companies in the field - including three years working in the airport domain. Strengthened by a rich and diverse experience, this commercial engineer is today specializing in maintenance in operational condition of both civil and military aeronautic platforms. He has knowledge and experience of working in Asia, Northeast Africa and the United Arab Emirates. A qualified pilot, he is licensed to audit Ops-1 (JAR-OPS).



Warehouses & Facilities

RENÉ CAGNANT – Storage & Production Site Manager

A native of Burgundy, René served as an aeronautical technician in the French Air Force for twenty-two years - becoming deputy workshop chief in Mont de Marsan in 1994. He has since worked for Sogerma (Bordeaux), SAGEM (La Teste) and Airbus, (Toulouse) on the A 320 phase 3 controls before customer delivery. In late 2005 he worked at the Guiana Space Centre (CSG) assisting in the preparation of satellites prior to orbit. In 2009 he returned to Metropolitan France as Deputy Storage & Production site manager of Sofema - becoming manager in 2011.



JEAN-PIERRE GREFFE – Storage & Production Site Deputy Manager

Jean-Pierre has spent most of his professional life in the French Air Force specialized in mechanics and logistics. He began in Nancy - ending up in Cazaux in 2010 as Head of the Operations and Logistics Division. Between times, he spent two years in Tahiti and Tours and several shorter periods working in Africa and the former Yugoslavia. He joined Sofema in early 2011 - serving as Deputy Head of Stock, becoming Deputy Site Manager by the end of that year.



Quality & Corporate Social Responsibility


His expertise has led to implementation, certification and improvement of the quality management system. He also manages the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach and leads Afaq 26000 assessment.

Before joining Sofema in 2009, Hans Claude worked during six years as Consultair’s Quality Manager where he established the quality management system and managed the dual ISO 9001 and EN 9120 certification.

Hans Claude holds a postgraduate degree in Economic Development from the Pantheon-Sorbonne Paris I University and in Quality Management from the Claude Bernard Lyon I University. He is ISO 9001 Certified Lead Auditor and EN 9100/9110/9120 Aeronautic-Space auditor.



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